Ultrascores by Chassol (2013)

It might have come out in 2013 but I only heard it this year. It’s classed as electronic/pop/jazz and comes from a piano in France, presumably Christophe Chassol’s piano in France.

Salad Days by Mac Demarco (2014)

Since ‘Rock and Roll Night Club’ in 2012, I’ve liked Mac Demarco’s cross-dressing, beer swilling, mellow  brand of rock. This album continues along the same lines, with a bitter sweet, heartfelt collection of tunes, crowned by the instant classic ‘Passing out Pieces’.

Amphetamine Ballads by Amazing Snakeheads (2014)

Gut wrenching lyrics and slow-fast bluesy guitars made this group stand out. There’s a kind of garage rock meets hammer horror element to some of the songs like ‘I’m a Vampire’, ‘Nighttime’ and ‘Swamp Song’. The kind of tunes that make you constantly feel the need to look over your shoulder or head butt a lamp post for no reason.

It’s Album Time by Todd Terje (2014)

Ultimate dancing music. This album made everyone feel good this year. That’s EVERYONE. Check out the Inspector Norse video if you haven’t seen it for an extra treat.

Exegesis by Alden Penner (2014)

Being a fan of Clues, I was bound to like Alden Penner’s solo work. It’s all about the quirky, delicate song-writing hinting to a greater divinity in the universe. Or something like that, woah, I need to stop sniffing the furniture polish.

My Friend Fish by Diane Coffee (2013)

‘Hymn’ could well be the song of the year for me (and cockers). Diane Coffee is also the drummer in the mighty Foxygen.

Deltas by Chapelier Fou

More electronic music delighting my ears in 2014, with this beautiful mix of violins, clavecin (a type of piano just for French people) and other assorted noise makers. Trust me, c’est fantastique!

Consult the Horse by Thing Kong (2013)

Don’t know if this is technically an album, but the five songs it contains are all songs you will want to add to your skateboarding or snowboarding video to make it instantly 100x cooler. That’s how I found out about the little known group actually, a very trendy skater doc.

Bazaar by Wampire (2014)

‘Hearse’ was the song that got my attention and with this album they kept it tight. I’ll always remember one of the band members cited ‘Sebastian’ by Cockney Rebel as a favourite tune on Radio 6 Music. A man after my own heart. And a band with all the right influences.

Just Enough Hip to be Woman by BRONCHO (2014)

Definitely enough hip to be played by a man or a woman. Or an alien man from the planet ‘I Like Good Music’.



  1. Parov Stellar – The Art of Sampling (2013, but fuck you)
    Todd Terje – It’s Album Time (2014)
    Vetusta Morla – La Deriva (2014)
    John Grant – Pale Green Ghosts (2013, but fuck you still)
    Mongol Horde – Mongol Horde (2014)
    Royksopp – The Inevitable End (2014)
    La Roux – Trouble in Paradise (2014)
    Born Ruffians -Birthmark (2014)


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