Sun 15th Feb at The Hare & Hounds (Birmingham)

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The Wave Pictures are a band that’s been around since 1998, they have a supremo guitarist and singer called David Tattersall who writes inspired lyrics along the lines of:

he’s thirty five years young with a sloppy toothpaste tongue
and he chuckles at the speckles of his blood
amongst the freckles on his neck
his marriage is wrecked admittedly
but surely there are still reasons to sing
good reasons to sing
his throat pours
of course he is still an innocent
he doesn’t save his time he spends it
he is still an innocent
so he stands and there he sings
with the condensation rising all around him from the sink
his wife ran off and left him but he’s happy as hell this morning
with his father in the mirror and his song, singing

And that’s just for starters. His fingers do the real talking on the albums, frolicking along the fretboard like Mark Knopfler’s digits dream about.


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