Chancha Via Circuito

This post is going to be full of delights. Firstly, this amazing mix conceived by El Búho

It’s all good but the last 5-8 minutes put me in the kind of musical revelry you rarely feel whilst sat at your desk dicking around with PowerPoint. So I started searching the artists that had gone into the audio-soup made by El Buho, and whilst I didn’t discover who was responsible for my office chair revelry, I did find Pedro Canale who’s stage name is Chancha Via Circuito. Which means ?. Well, it doesn’t seem to mean anything. Anyone?
Pedro is a producer/DJ/Remixer/Composer from Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina. And from a quick Google image search looks like a swell guy.


Here’s what I found from a quick Spotify search – Music from the album Amansara (2014) via YouTube

Pedro fuses electronic music and a popular Latin American genre called Cumbia which began as a courtship dance practiced among the African population, which was later mixed with Amerindian steps and European and African instruments and musical characteristics.

Is it surprising that the artwork is just as colourful and full of life? Whatever the artists of South America are chewing, snorting or smoking I want them to supply it in our vending machines. Preferably in some kind of onion soup.




“I’m making a musical pilgrimage, near the equator where the strings snake out of a crack in the dust…”


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