Big Shot – Pearls

Normally I like black and white pictures to accompany my posts, it’s an easy way to keep up the pretense of being cool. But today I found a group called Pearls who really deserve a colour picture – if you listen carefully you can hear the sea in that turquoise shell suit. And if you squint your eyes you can see the shimmering waves in that non-festive,┬ábackdrop tinsel.

Now listen to the music they make. Timeless, cooler than a smoking french man in a silent film with no plot – and pearl-glam-glittery.


I’m going to plug this album, because I’ve only been listening to it for 15 minutes and I already feel like Halasan Bazar is a musical guru. A bit like the magical, mystical guru’s before him (such as Donovan and more recently Devendra Banhart), Halasan paints a world of mountains, fields, Magic Clouds (track 1) and quite literally spreads the noble message of How to Be Ever Happy.

They’re from Copenhagen and they write nice psych pop tunes.

It’s got a bit of that trippy, hippy vibe to it. Something that might put people off, but if you’re a retro guru like me you’ll lap it up like the handful of magic mushrooms I ate before posting this. On a scale of mild hallucinations followed by churning stomach and nausea to full blown acid amnesia and ecstatic moment of clarity – I rate this album 9/10 and I still haven’t finished listening to it.